I am trained in many approaches and draw on recent discoveries in the areas of neurobiology, traumatic stress treatment, affect-regulation, self- psychology, psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment and development theory. I adapt theory and methods to fit the needs of the client and specifics of the situation he/she wants help with. My approach is informed by the person before me rather than a specific technique.



Trauma therapy. Clients who had a difficult start in life and or a history of childhood trauma. Insecure attachment problems, not feeling seen, welcome or understood, loss of a parent, divorce, operations, accidents, physical and/or sexual abuse. This can give rise to the following problems: traumatic stress, identity problems, anxiety, panic, lack of trust, anger problems; rage or else inability to feel anger, feelings of helplessness, conflicts at work, dissociation, depression, loneliness, feelings of emptiness, eating problems, mood swings, emotional crisis, chronic stress, burn out, fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, relationship problems, problems with intimacy, parenting problems.



The right approach is one in which you feel seen and heard. I adapt theory and methods to fit the needs of the client and specifics of the situation he/she wants help with.



Body Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing ®, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy℠, EMDR.



I also work with transference reactions and our relationship. I use a therapeutic approach that explores how feelings, thoughts and behaviours relate to early life experiences and how unconscious and conscious motivations affect our beliefs and behaviours.


All round

I have worked in various work environments: higher education,  corporate, editing and translation (development work, finance, museums, the arts and culture). This taught me how to relate to people from various walks of life.



I am sensitive and not afraid of strong emotions. I have worked for many years with clients who have had a difficult start in life and with histories of (childhood) trauma.



​As an expat I find it easy to work with people from other cultures. I know what it is like to be a foreigner abroad and lay down roots in a country that felt so strange and then finally make it my home. I think that this process has helped me to understand the small and large migrations that we all go through in our lives.